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How Do I Enroll for Health Insurance?

There are several options to enroll for a Medical Insurance Plan.  But before we get into details, there are a few important things that you need to know about enrolling in health insurance.


1) There is NO additional cost by using the help of a licensed insurance agent.  An agent can be a good source of information and can help you choose what plan is best for you.  But there are NO sales charges, NO commission paid by you and NO additional costs to you by enlisting the help of  agent.

2) If you use the Marketplace/Exchange, be sure to input the NPN of the agent that you wish to list (we recommend our NPN which is 983101).  Again, there is no cost to you, but this will ensure that the agent receives compensation and that your policy is matched up and shows up for that agent.

3) If you know with certainty that you will not qualify for a tax credit, then you still can, but do not HAVE to use the government web site to sign up.  There are no premium cost diffrences whether you sign up using the government web site (i.e. Marketplace/Exchange) or by signing up directly with a carrie with the help of an agent.  

4) Also, if you know with certainty that you will not qualify for a tax credit, then you may have more options available by going through and agent.  This is because there are several companies that are writing policies that confirm with the Healthcare reform coverages, but they are NOT offering them on the Exchange.   So you must obtains quotes for these plans OFF of the Exchange from someone like or another licensed agent.



1) Enroll through the Exchange by going to   Be sure to enter NPN of agent you would like assigned to your account.  The NPN for us is 983101.  We recommend that you use that NPN.  There is not additional cost to you by doing so.  If you qualify or think you may qualify for tax credits, then it is important that you enroll through the Exchange.


2) Enroll outside the Exchange.  Typically, you would do this only if you do not qualify for tax credits or if you wish to have a plan from a carrier that is not participating in the Exchange.  You try to enroll directly with a carrier; or you can use the help of an agent (at no cost to you).  For BCBSM/BCN plans, you can call us at 800-243-6296 or you can get quotes and enroll by clicking below.

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